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Woodlawn's Six Medical Clinics become certified Rural Health Clinics - Accreditation EXEMPLARY PROVIDERS!

The Rural Health Clinic program is intended to increase access to primary care services for patients in rural communities. The state of IN had only 76 as of May 2019.

Exemplary Provider®-accredited status is only granted to those healthcare providers who demonstrate outstanding patient care practices and compliance to comprehensive Safety-Honesty-Caring® quality standards as verified and validated by the Medicare-authorized national healthcare accreditation organization--The Compliance Team, Inc.

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to Lisa Vogler, Director of Physician Clinics, and her team for the 13-month process to qualify for this high honor!


It is still important to stay home during this national pandemic unless you have severe medical emergencies.
However, if you do not have an emergent health issue; you now have the option to contact your provider for routine medical matters that need to be addressed if you have wifi or a good data connection capability.

Effective Monday, April 13, all Woodlawn Medical Clinics (Rochester, Akron, Argos, Shafer, Fulton County Medical Clinic) will begin performing virtual real-time health (telemedicine) visits. In addition, the Woodlawn Rehabilitative Services department will be performing virtual rehab visits.
Call your respective provider for an appointment and instructions for your virtual health visit.

Through telemedicine services, you can receive medical advice without leaving the comfort of your home.
Telemedicine isn't appropriate for emergency situations like heart attack or stroke, cuts or lacerations, or broken bones that require x-rays, splints, or casts. Anything that requires immediate, hands-on care should be handled in person.

However, telemedicine is very useful for simple issues and follow-up consultations. For instance, if you need a simple medication follow-up, you can schedule a virtual consultation with your healthcare provider. Colds and flu, insect bites, sore throats, and pink eye are some other common issues addressed using telemedicine.

The Indiana State Department of Health has informed the health care communities that a case of COVID-19 has been identified in Marion County.
In preparation, Woodlawn Hospital would like to encourage the community to band together to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
If you have symptoms such as:
And have traveled to an area where known COVID-19 has spread or is spreading, or have had contact with someone was diagnosed with COVID-19,
Patients will be asked to cover their cough and to wash or sanitize their hands as they enter any facility. Staff will be prepared to receive patients as well as maintain safety for other patients.

Geoff Cly, MD, FACOG, OB/GYN is now scheduling surgeries on our new di Vinci Robotic Surgical System. If you are experiencing cramps, pain, heavy bleeding, and so forth, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cly. There are options for your treatment, and one may be using the new surgical equipment. Remember, your annual exams are important, too! Call 574-223-2020 for an appointment.
For more info on Dr. Cly,click here

Our new Genius 3D Mammography Exam is rated superior and Molly Hardesty and Pat Nicholson provide an excellent explanation about the technology advances and the statistics for detecting breast cancer early. To view the short video, click here.
Most employers and Medicare B pay for a "screening" exam for age-appropriate employees, and you do NOT need a physician order for a screening examination. Please check with your benefits provider prior to ensure you are covered.
A very special thanks to Richard Belcher and First Federal Savings Bank for providing this video segment from their Friday morning Radio Program.
Don't wait, schedule your screening mammogram TODAY! Please call 574-224-1151 for an appointment.

Woodlawn Hospital has presented all three school corporations in our area (Rochester, Tippecanoe Valley, and Caston) with ,000 each to purchase school bus stop arm cameras.Click on the link to view the final presentation from WNDU's "Never Again" story regarding bus fatalities.

Woodlawn Hospital / Rochester Orthopedics has prepared a Total Joint Care Program that will be held once a month at 12:00 noon or 5:00 pm, depending on the month. This class is designed to inform anyone scheduled for an upcoming total joint surgery and/or anyone interested in knowing what to expect as we describe the process and your care while at Woodlawn. For more information, click here. You can also reserve your spot and ask detailed questions by calling 574-223-SPOT (7768).