Swing Bed Program

The Woodlawn Hospital Swing Bed Program is a short-term skilled rehabilitative care program utilized for patients after a 3-day acute care hospital stay but need a period of transition to safely return to their home environment. The goal of the program is to develop the maximum degree of health and wellness achievable by the patient by implementing a structured, multi-disciplinary plan of care. Disciplines involved in the planning include: nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietary, social services and physician services. This program emphasizes a professional environment that promotes independence and self-care.

To qualify for this program, a patient must have an admitting physician that is on staff, have had a 3-day acute care stay within the last 30 days & be admitted into the Swing Bed program for that same diagnosis they received care for while hospitalized. During the course of a patient's stay in the Swing Bed program, weekly conferences are held with the patient and family to discuss progress, address any concerns or issues with the patient and family and to plan for further adjustments to the plan of care and discharge needs. Plans for discharge are made in conjunction with the patient, family, physician and other disciplines when the patient has achieved the goals of their plan of care or achieved their maximum potential for improvement.

Woodlawn Hospital is pleased to offer this service to our community and looks forward to being able to serve you and your families in this capacity. If you have questions or would like more information regarding this program, you may contact the Swing Bed Program Coordinator, Lenny Whitney at (574) 224-1237 or the Case Management Team at (574) 224-2240.