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Speaker's Bureau

Need a speaker?

Woodlawn Hospital's Speaker's Bureau offers professional speakers who can present a variety of health-related programs to organizations, businesses, schools, and industries in our area. As a community service to promote health awareness and wellness, these educational meeting topics are designed to address your specific needs--at no charge (unless otherwise indicated).

Suggestions for healthcare topics include:

          Woodlawn Hospital, departments and services
          Hospital Tours
          The Future of Health Care in Our County

Business Office
          Answering Your Insurance Questions

Cardiopulmonary / Sleep Center
          Apnea Awareness
          Respiratory / Cardiac Diseases
          Heart Rehabilitation
          Smoking and Its Effects
          Smoking Cessation Class*
          Allergy and Asthma

Community Relations / Funds Development
          Woodlawn Foundation
          Health Fairs
          Corporate Wellness
          Educational Material

Dietary Services
          Woodlawn Hospital Home Meal Program (Meals-On-Wheels)
          Cholesterol, the Good and Bad
          Life Steps* - Weight Reduction and Lifestyle Changes Program
          Nutrition and the Elderly "Smart Cart" (Shopping Tool)
          Label Reading
          The "New" Diabetic Exchanges
          "A Change of Plate" (Reduce Fat and Calories When Choosing Meat)
          Developing a Leaner Lifestyle
          Fat Budgeting
          The New Food Guide and Pyramid
          Managing your Weight
          Portion Distortion
          Infant and Child Nutrition

Diagnostic Imaging Services
          CAT Scanning
          BSE (Breast Self Exam and Cancer Detection)

Emergency Room
          Ambulance Services
          Emergency Care
          Poison Prevention Control
          Lifeline (Home Monitoring Program)

Health Information Management
          Patients' Rights for Their Records

Home Health Care
          Home Care, pros and cons
          Increasing Your Independence

          Ethics of Life Support / Living Wills / Advance Directives
          Organ Donation
          Diabetes, medication control
          Emergency First Aid Class*
          CPR / Infant CPR Class*
          Communicable Diseases
          Changing Life Styles to Reduce Health Risks
          High Blood Pressure, reducing the risks
          Stress and You
          Stress Incontinence
          Substance Abuse
          Seizure Disorders
          Women's Issues
          PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
          Weight Loss

          Maternal / Child Health
          Pre-Natal Class
          Giving Baby a Good Start
          Breast Feeding, pros and cons

          Oncology Clinic, local treatment available
          Cancer Diagnosis
          Cancer Pain Management
          Specific Sites of Cancer -- Breast, Colon, Lung, Prostate, etc.
          Surviving Cancer
          Cancer Treatment -- Types Available

Pain Management
Pediatric and Adolescent Health
          Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
          Baby, Diarrhea and Dehydration
          Child Development
          Children's Health Habits
          Teen Health
          Attention Deficit Disorder

          How Medication Can Affect You
          Dangers of Mixing Medication
          Cardiac Medication

Rehabilitative Services
          Athletic Training
          Sports Medicine
          Physical Therapy
          Exercise and Your Health
          Body Mechanics -- Saving Your Back
          Ergonomics -- For Home or Work
          Optimizing Women's Health during the Menopausal Years
          Living with Arthritis
          Incontinence -- Taking Control of Your Body
          Repetitive Strain Disorders

          Anesthesia during Childbirth
          Anesthesia during Surgery
          Innovations in Surgery
          Laparoscopic Surgery

Volunteer Services
          Woodlawn Hospital Auxiliary

          Health Care Careers
          Write Your Own Ticket -- Let us know what topic interests you.

(*)These classes have minimal fees to cover screening and material costs.

For more information, please contact:

Woodlawn Hospital

Director of Community Relations/Funds Development

1400 E Ninth Street

Rochester, Indiana 46975

(574) 224-1179

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