Information Systems

The Information Systems department at Woodlawn Hospital provides primary technology support to facilitate reliable and secure information storage and access to Woodlawn Hospital and all its external facilities. The IS department provides users with a support intranet and maintains all hospital computers, servers, switches, and other devices to ensure that system downtime is kept to a minimum.

Woodlawn Hospital's HIS (Hospital Information System) vendor is CPSI (Computer Programs and Systems, Inc). All departments of Woodlawn Hospital are on CPSI including Central Registration, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Materials Management, Patient Accounts, and Nursing. The majority of our nursing and clinical documentation is completed through CPSI. This helps us to provide the safest, highest quality care possible to each patient while automating as many processes as possible. This makes the patient accounting process more streamlined by generating patient charging as a by-product of documentation.

Woodlawn Hospital's physician clinics run an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and practice management product provided by Allscripts. These provide the most technically advanced, effective, and reliable service to our physicians and their patients.

The Information Systems department at Woodlawn Hospital is vital in providing hospital doctors, nurses and other medical office staff reliable access to their secure patient health information in a timely and accurate manner. For more information call Luke Gross, Information Systems Director, at (574) 224-1406.