Infection Control/Employee Health

The department of Infection Control/Employee Health is staffed by a registered nurse who monitors the Hospital departments and employees closely to ensure a safe environment for the well-being of patients, healthcare workers and visitors.

The department utilizes information from the Center of Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), and the Indiana Department of Health and Human Services to maintain current practices of infection control.

Woodlawn Hospital has observed the practice of Universal Standard Precautions to prevent contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials since 1988. Each department at Woodlawn Hospital is conscientious of their role in the prevention of hospital acquired infections.

The Infection Control/Employee Health Nurse helps to ensure that all patients, visitors, and staff utilize the Standard Precaution Program by stressing health education, promoting good health habits, demonstrating appropriate hand hygiene practices, administering employee immunizations, and surveying clinical departments for potential environmental risks.

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