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Woodlawn Hospital Prices

Hospital Charges: Helpful Information

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, hospitals are required to make available a list of their current standard charges via the internet in a machine-readable format at least annually.

Consumers need all the information that they can get to make informed decisions about their care. It's important to understand the information a chargemaster provides, as well as what it does not provide.

About the Chargemaster:

A chargemaster is a list of medical codes and prices for everything a hospital provides to patients.

Each hospital has its own chargemaster list that is used for billing purposes.

The chargemaster list does not reflect the negotiated price between hospitals and insurers, and it is not the price that most patients would pay for care.

The chargemaster list is not the best tool for patients to figure out the cost of their health care services.

Most people would not know all the medical codes that would be used for their care before they receive treatment.

The prices on the chargemaster list are generally not the actual payment rates that hospitals receive. And chargemaster prices are almost never the actual amount a patient is responsible for.

How much will a consumer actually pay?

The best way to understand what a patient will pay out of-pocket is to work directly with the hospital as well as the patient's insurer. In general:

Individuals with insurance will pay any copayments, coinsurance, or deductible due.

Individuals without insurance might be eligible for financial assistance or charity care, or may be able to receive a reduced price from the hospital.

Getting Help from Your Hospital:

Hospitals offer financial counseling and help for people who have insurance and those who do not. Consumers are encouraged to contact the hospital's financial office or patient advocates for help.

Chargemaster 2019

The prices listed below are current for January 1, 2019 but are subject to change. They are average prices for select services.

If you would like an estimate for a service not listed below, please call 574-224-1044 or 574-224-1048.

What is included in these prices?

Prices include Woodlawn Hospital equipment and staff.

What is not included in these prices?

Prices do not include the physician/provider fees such as surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist or radiologist.

Will my final costs be different then what is listed here?

The amount you owe may vary due to different circumstances. These may include:

Additional testing, medications, services or procedures ordered.

The procedure planned may not be the procedure performed based on your physician's assessment.

If you have insurance- your insurance company will determine the final amount you have to pay due to your deductibles, coinsurance or out of pocket limits.

Hospital Charges

Daily Room and Board


Average Charge



Intensive Care






Swing Bed


Emergency Room-level 3


Clinic Family Practice Provider


Average Charge

New Patient Level 3


Established Patient Level 3


Laboratory Tests


Average Charge

Basic Metabolic Panel


CBC w/differential




Lipid Panel




Prothrombin Time/INR


Routine Urinalysis


Radiology Tests


Average Charge

X-Ray Chest -2 view


X-Ray Ankle-2 view


X-Ray Elbow-2 view


X-Ray Foot-2 view


X-Ray Hand-2 view


X-Ray Hip-1 view


Mammography Screening - Field Digital


Mammography Diagnostic with Computer Aided Diagnosis


CT Scan-Lower Extremity w/o contrast


CT Scan-Lower Extremity w contrast


CT Scan-Lower Extremity w & wo contrast


CT Scan-Upper Extremity w/o contrast


CT Scan-Upper Extremity w contrast


CT Scan-Upper Extremity w & wo contrast


MRI Scan-Joint of Lower Extremity w/o contrast


MRI Scan-Joint of Lower Extremity w contrast


MRI Scan-Joint of Lower Extremity w & wo contrast


MRI Scan-Joint of Upper Extremity w/o contrast


MRI Scan-Joint of Upper Extremity w contrast


MRI Scan-Joint of Upper Extremity w & wo contrast


Common Procedures


Average Charge

Vaginal Delivery-Average




Carpal Tunnel Repair






EGD with closed Biopsy


Lg Bowel Endoscopy w/biopsy


Sm Bowel Endoscopy


Sleep Study