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Robotic Surgery at Woodlawn Hospital

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The Robotic Surgery Program at Woodlawn Hospital combines the skills of experienced surgeons with the latest technology, the da Vinci ® X, to provide safe, minimally invasive procedures. Robotic surgery at Woodlawn Hospital is currently concentrated in the areas of general surgery and gynecology.

About Robotic Surgery

More than 7 million procedures have been performed with da Vinci robots since Intuitive Surgical's first system was approved by the Food and Drug Administration 20 years ago.

The term "robotic surgery" may be confusing. Surgeries are not performed by robots; they are performed by skilled surgeons controlling a robotic tool. Through a computer console next to you, your surgeon guides tiny instruments that move in real time like a human hand, with great range of motion. The system also gives your surgeon high-definition, 3D views of the surgical area.

The instrument size makes it possible for surgeons to operate through small incisions rather than the larger incisions used in "open" surgery. The smaller incisions and the range of motion within the surgical site may provide benefits including:

A shorter hospital stay (if any)
Less blood loss
Less pain, meaning less need for need for narcotic pain medicine
Faster recovery
Smaller incisions, reducing scarring

ROSA Knee Robotic Technology

Meet our Robotic Surgery Team

Benjamin Adebayo, M.D.

Geoffrey Charles Cly, M.D.

John Nile, DO, FACOS